Singapore Chiropractic CareHave you ever had your neck or shoulder area hurt to the point where the pain extended upward to your head, making it ache as well? Unfortunately, these types of issues bring way too many people into Dr. Stakes Orchard Road and Raffles Place clinics as they search for some type of relief. And although sometimes these upper body issues are caused by injuries, such as those received in traffic accidents or slip and falls, it’s also possible that your smart phone is to blame.

In early 2014, Ms. Ruby Poh, senior physiotherapist at Singapore General Hospital, told The Straits Times, “With Singapore having one of the most mobile-savvy populations in South-east Asia, the number of people with neck, shoulder, wrist and finger pain from using mobile devices is also on the uptick.” The reason that smartphones are causing so many issues with neck and shoulder areas is because a typical head weighs approximately 4 kilograms, yet when it is bent forward, the pressure it places on the spine can add up to a lot more, causing a repetitive use injury to this area of the body.

However, regardless of whether your neck or shoulder pain (and resulting headaches) are due to an accident or from spending a lot of time gazing down at your smartphone, the good news is that shock wave therapy can often help stimulate the healing process, providing you some much needed relief.

For instance, one comparison study posted in the Archives of Rheumatology found that just one extra-corporeal shock wave therapy session provided positive results in regard to reducing neck pain and disability. Additionally, these effects heightened significantly when the patient underwent three total sessions of treatment, proving that relief can be obtained in a rather short period of time with this particular treatment method.

Ultimately, the goal of extra-corporeal shock wave therapy is to attack the issue at its source to help reduce the resulting headache pain. Therefore, if you suspect that it is your neck or shoulders that are causing your issue, or you aren’t sure what the problem is and would like to find out, contact Dr. Stakes office today and schedule an appointment. He can help you get to the bottom of your pain, offering you the best solution possible!


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