Testimonial Sports Injuries

Shoulder 'Sports' / Repetitive Injury


I needed to work with my arms overhead for many years as a piano tuner, as well as a private teacher, which resulted in a repetitive strain injury similar to a sports injury. I would have had to stop working due to this troublesome injury that never fully recovered, despite resting and taking medication. I was sent for an MRI and surgery was suggested for my condition.

I am grateful to Dr Neil for his explanation of why the condition was not improving (tendons have poor blood supply) and for the solutions he offered. I chose Swiss DolorClast as it was most convenient and suited to my lifestyle, as being able to come in for treatment on a weekly basis suited me perfectly.

True to his explanation, I felt sustained relief after the third session, and after completing all five sessions, my problems had mostly resolved. Due to the advanced nature of my condition, I needed to complete the maximum of eight treatments and I am now able to work pain free.

I have sent a few friends to Dr Neil and he has been able to help them as well.

Chronic Foot Pain - Plantar Fasicitis and Fallen Arch

I seriously injured my foot in July 2010 and began a nightmare journey through “traditional” medicine in the search for somebody who could prevent every step feeling like walking bare-foot on glass, and understand how living with constant pain was totally physically and mentally debilitating.

Four separate specialists – cortisone injection, anti-inflammatory drugs, x-rays and MRIs – only offered surgery to cut the nerve or permanent pain block through an epidural in my spine! Finally, after more than a year of suffering, I visited Back to Life and Dr Neil Stakes.

Instant diagnosis – four 'dislocated' metatarsals (mid-foot sprain and subluxation actually) – and immediately successful bone realignment, which relieved the pain immediately.

Dr Stakes then set about undoing the damage done through lapsed time and erroneous “diagnoses”. He (then used Swiss DolorClast shockwave therapy machine that) broke down the scar tissue formed around the damage in my foot.

He worked to realign my leg muscles, all of which had been put out trying to compensate for the injury to my foot, then realigned my hip and finally my spine – all damaged by my body’s attempts to help itself recover (using chiropractic techniques and kinesiotaping), but all disregarded by entirely erroneous medical focus on a damaged nerve

After three months of intensive (and deeply painful) treatment, I am walking almost pain free and am eternally grateful to Dr Neil for his perception and effective holistic care.


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