Back Pain Relief - Slipped Disc

Hi Dr Neil,

Trust all is well. I’m fine but I brought you a new patient – DW, a colleague of mine. She has lower back problems and could benefit from chiropractic treatement too.

Thank you for your help in treating my back pain from the slipped disc that I sufferred many years ago. I have been going really well with my running.

Banged out a 22-min 5km run the other day and have the Energizer Night trail this weekend with my daughter. Couldn’t have dreamt I’d be doing any of this five years ago (or even a year ago for that matter).

Thanks for the encouragement and the good work

All the best,


Chronic Back, Hip and Knee Pain (Sciatica)

I have had a chronic back pain that shoots down to the knee and affects my hip while I walk, and happened after lifting something heavy. I had been to many practitioners that could not solve this issue and finally Dr Neil put it all together and got me back to life again.

It took a few months of treating the disc, damaged nerves and muscles - as he explained after, almost a year of compensating needed to be treated and he combined the DTS traction with exercise, gentle manipluation to align the spine, and relieve the nerve pressure. He also used Swiss DolorClast to break down adhesions and the trigger points on the muscles of my hip and used that kinesiotape that all the sportsmen use.

I feel years younger now that my treatment plan is complete, and I keep up the exercises that I was prescribed to strengthen my back. Dr Stakes explained that although I only need to return for treatment when I can tell the early stages are coming back, doing periodic adjustment is beneficial for my spine. I am so grateful to be back to my normal life again, and dropping by every 4 to 6 weeks seems like a small commitment to maintaining this level of function.

I have friends that had surgery and still had the pain after, and I would like to recommend a visit to Dr Neil if you need help with your problems.


Chronic Headaches After Whiplash

I have been a patient with headaches since a horrendous car accident many years ago. I have been to many chiropractors over the years and I am grateful to have found Dr Stakes to continue my maintenace care in Singapore.

I would highly recommend Dr Stakes for his professional and caring manner. He always puts his patients needs at the forefront and discusses his planned treatment ahead of time. Throughout, I felt like a partner in conquering my problem with a treatment plan that was tailor-made to me and my condition.

Thank you so much Dr Stakes - your unique blend of mixing chiropractic treatment with advanced technology and kinesiotape has resolved most of my headaches. The relief of my neck strain with DTS treatment was incredible and now by sticking to your recommendations, I am able to, with regular maintenance care, avoid the incapacitating heaches mostly.

My life's normal is a much happier and fulfilling place, I still watch what I eat and stretch regularly and I am now better able to apply the spin Dr Stakes has on an old addage - 'an adjustment in time saves nine'!