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Swiss DolorClast® method treatment may provide relief where other therapies have failed and should be considered as a viable non-surgical solution. EMS Swiss DolorClast® is FDA and CE approved device for musculoskeletal interventions. The beneficial effects of Swiss DolorClast® method Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) are now widely known. Scientists Recognize that shockwaves can trigger a variety of effective actions within the body that promote healing where other interventions have failed. 

Dr Stakes is an Asian regional trainer for Swiss DolorClast® Method and has been using the technology since 2008.

Benefits for the Patient


Multicentric study of the Swiss DolorCast® Method

A total of 249 patients were treated with the Swiss DolorClast® method during 919 shockwave therapy sessions with the following results:

  • after completion of treatment - good to very good in more than 80% of cases
  • ten weeks after treatment - good to very good in more than 80% of cases treatment result:

  Shoulder pain: 84,77% good to very good


Tennis elbow:  82,45% good to very good


Heel pain:        85,06% good to very good

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Proven Results!

Chronic musculoskeletal conditions, such as tendinitis and tendonopathies, can be associated with a substantial degree of scarring and calcium deposition. Calcium deposits may restrict motion and encroach on other structures such as nerves and blood vessels, causing pain and decreased function. 

Swiss DolorClast® method ESWT disrupts of these calcific deposits with shock waves which may loosen adjacent structures and promote resorption of calcium, thereby decreasing pain and improving function - allowing restoration of normal range of movement.

Physical stimuli are known to activate endogenous pain control systems, and activation by shock waves may "reset" the endogenous pain receptors thereby increasing pain threshold. 

Shock waves act on endothelial tissue from Swiss DolorClast® method may result in increased vessel wall permeability, causing increased diffusion of cytokines, which may in turn promote healing. 

Swiss DolorClast® method treatments may promote angiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels) and thus aid in healing. This is important for chronic, recurrent problems that become non-responsive to traditional physical therapies.

Finally, shock waves have been shown to stimulate osteogenesis (formation of bone) and promote callous formation, which is the rationale for Swiss DolorClast® method in delayed union or non-union of bone fractures.

At Back II Life, we offer both radial shockwaves and focused shockwaves to provide the full spectrum of shockwave therapy, to adequately address your problem. 

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