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About Us

Back II Life is Singapore’s first leading Chiropractic & Homeopathic Clinic in the heart of Orchard Road and we have a second convenient location at Clifford Centre in the heart of the CBD. 

Our clinic offers individualized and natural, drug-free treatments for patients of all ages. Our practitioners are highly qualified in their respective fields and have had years of experience in treating patients of different ages and ailments with phenomenal results. They focus on treating present concerns as well as improving their patients’ entire well being, resulting in optimal health on all levels.

Dr Neil Stakes

Dr. Neil Stakes

‚ÄčSingapore's first and only Swiss DolorClast Academy certified trainer.

Dr. Stakes was recruited to Singapore in 2001 to work for Humana Chiropractic and established Holistic Chiropractic in 2002 and left to establish Back II Life Pte Ltd in 2005, where he currently remains in a joint practice with his wife. During this time he has been involved in The Chiropractic Association (Singapore) serving on the Executive Committee and being a Past President as well.

He graduated from Technikon Natal (now DUT) where he moved from part-time assistant lecturer (Anatomy) to full time senior lecturer on completion of the Master's Degree:Chiropractic. He has lectured in areas such as spinal treatment and extremity treatment techniques, both of which requires an in depth knowledge of physiology and sports injury management. Dr Stakes worked with the junior national Men's Hockey team and accompanied the team on national and international tours where he received the Presidents award for service to Hockey South Africa. In addition, he has experience providing treatment to elite athletes of many disciplines at many national and provincial team tournaments like tennis, touch rugby and even surfing events to name a few.

His interest in sports injuries continues into the current practice that successfully deals with sports injuries alongside the traditional chiropractic specialties of back and neck pain, slipped discs and pinched nerves. His high work ethic and quest for accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment plans to facilitate rapid recovery and return to play for each patient has earned him a good reputation in his field. He regularly treats patients with different levels of activity from those that rarely if ever exercise to weekend warriors and semi-professional athletes as well as regular and irregular sports enthusiasts alike.

Over the years of practice and encountering difficult conditions, Dr Stakes became increasingly interested in new developments and blending these with chiropractic care. To this end he has armed himself with the latest techniques and the best technologies that money can buy like Swiss DolorClast and DuoClast, DTS decompression, Kinesiotaping and FAKTR certifications to compliment his chiropractic training. The evolution is ongoing and Dr Stakes is a life long learner committed to providing excellent care to his patients.

Incorporating a trained physical therapist and massage therapist to compliment the chiropractic services helps to ensure that conditions are treated from all angles within the practice as there is a growing need for integrated solutions. At Back II Life, Dr Lilly Leong is our resident homeopath also helps with mind-body connections in resolving deep-seated issues.

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Dr Jude Oscar

B.Chiro / M.Chiro Science, MQ University

Dr Jude Oscar holds over eight years of experience, treating patients with back, neck and other joint and muscle pain across all ages, and across the world.

Dr Oscar’s journey with Chiropractic began when he felt the healing power of Chiropractic that changed his life!  After just one treatment, 14 years of childhood back pain was relieved – he woke up the next day and decided to start a new path. He knew it would be his own mission to help others experience the healing benefit that Chiropractic offered.

Now based again in Singapore after gaining international experience, he strives for excellence in evidence-based practice – where patients receive the best care, backed by evidence, with long term results.  Dr. Oscar wants you to get out of pain and help you on your journey feeling strong and energised as fast as possible!

With a strong mix of experience across specialist private practices and as a consultant in aged care pain management, he is renowned for his empatheticand sound approach. His unique portfolio of hands-on work has proven that pain can be treated for long-term results, whether you’re 9 days or 90 years old!

Dr. Oscar’s philosophy is to continually exceed the highest standards clinical practice, and he is looking forward to blending technology at Back II Life with his approach. In his spare time, he enjoys getting outdoors and maintaining an active lifestyle with his wife and daughter.