Reasons I Am Excited to Be the First Kinesio Taping Chiropractor in Singapore

According to The Chiropractic Association (Singapore), there are currently 29 "qualified chiropractors who meet the educational standards of Council on Chiropractic Education – International." Proudly, as one of them, I am also the first certified kinesio taping chiropractor in the region. What is kinesio taping and why am I so excited to offer it to my Orchard Road and Raffles Place patients?

Kinesio tape is a stretchy, adhesive tape with the same thickness and elasticity as human skin and it is used to help stabilize and support injured muscles, tissues, and joints. In fact, if you watch sports at all, you’ve likely noticed that a lot of elite athletes use kinesio tape as it has been found to help improve sports performance in addition to assisting with injuries. So, why am I so excited to be the first kinesio taping chiropractor in Singapore?

First, combining chiropractic with kinesio taping and FAKTR (pronounced "factor") myofascial release techniques, I can help treat sports injuries, like those common to the knees and ankles, much more effectively. Essentially, the chiropractic works to correct any alignment issues, whereas the kinesio taping provides additional stability and support, and FAKTR assists with various soft tissue and fascial issues, which means that using all three of these remedies together can provide amazing healing effects.

The second major reason I am excited about this certification is that kinesio taping is a very effective remedy when it comes to helping patients with chronic spine and joint conditions. For example, one study involving 20 participants which was published in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy found that kinesio taping offered pain-relieving benefits for the individuals who experienced knee pain while climbing stairs.

If you would like to learn what kinesio taping could possibly do for you, call either the Orchard Road Clinic or the Raffles Place Clinic and set your appointment today!



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